Traffic and gridlock in the city

Which is Safer: A Car, a Motorcycle, or a Bicycle?

Traffic and gridlock in the city

Motorcycle lovers have blogs that they use to explain their reasons why they choose them over a car. They argue that parking is easier, they spend less gas, and they save money. Sports enthusiasts talk about the health benefits of traveling by bicycle, the low cost of maintenance, their contribution to the ecosystem. People who seek comfort prefer driving vehicles because they do not have to deal with the weather conditions, and they feel that it is the safer form of transportation. The larger number of vehicles versus motorcycles, it makes the statistics of accidents of cars and trucks greater. In regards to Bikes vs. Bicycle, the rate of accidents and fatalities in Motorcycles exceeds those of Bicycles (It exceeds 3,081 in accidents and 394 in fatalities) according to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System.

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