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What Happens if you do not Feel Pain Immediately After an Accident?

Vehicles stuck in traffic in Hialeah

Most people who are injured do not feel pain at the time of the shock, but often one or several days later. Some of the symptoms of hidden injuries are muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, headache and pain in the chest or ribs. Therefore, it is important that after an accident you visit the doctor, even if you think it is not serious or you do not feel any pain at the moment.

In Florida, the time to seek medical treatment after an accident is short, only 14 days. Within that amount of time, you should seek treatment or you will have to waive your rights to compensation for your car accident injuries.

Usually, after a person establishes a claim for car accidents, a release of liability is signed so that it proceeds (if applicable) when the claim and any others that may exist in relation to the incident end.

But if the release form is completed, and it is signed ahead of time (in this case, before knowing that you have injuries) you can lose any compensation for injuries that you did not know you had. That’s why it is so important to have a medical evaluation before proceeding with your insurance claim.

You should never settle for an insurance claim or another type of claim for accident injuries that seeks to resolve your situation right after a car accident. There may be the possibility of solutions offered by the insurer, but this can prevent you from being covered for medical expenses in case of late injuries.

If you have not signed any release letter of liability with the insurance company of the guilty driver, there is a likelihood of being able to obtain compensation for the later injuries. For this, in addition to the complete evaluation of your injuries, you must ensure that you obtain an accurate estimate of the medical expenses you have at the time and the future expenses that may occur.