The personal injury lawyers at The Ward Law Group awarded Top 40 under 40

Ward Law Attorneys Awarded Top 40 Under 40

The personal injury lawyers at The Ward Law Group awarded Top 40 under 40

Personal injury attorneys, Jany-Martinez Ward and Gregory Ward, have received national recognition for their commitment to quality client care. The Wards were recently initiated into The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 and Top 100 organizations.

These groups are considered highly prestigious associations that recognize only superior civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers. Moreover, membership is only extended to individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, reputation, influence, and stature. The final selection is invite-only, meaning that candidacy relies on a combination of peer nominations and third-party research. In other words, excellence must be both profound and apparent without the need for first-party advertisement.

The selection process for prospective candidates is a scrutinous, multi-phase examination by an impartial third-party. In order for a member to be accepted, he or she must act in accordance with the strict requirements set by both the state bar and national Rule 4-7. Membership grants the attorney the ability to network and combine resources with the best lawyers in America. Additionally, the organization offers further training and education to its members. Educational efforts, for instance, focus on protecting and expanding justice.

For the Wards, this is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed in the legal sphere. The Wards are extremely proud to uphold the finest standards of legal practice as they serve the injured.

Who is Jany-Martinez Ward?

Jany Martinez-Ward is a personal injury attorney who serves clients in Miami Lakes and Kissimmee, FL. She is passionate about providing legal representation to Spanish-speaking clients who have sustained injuries in accidents caused by negligence.

Jany arrived in the United States roughly two decades ago after emigrating from Havana, Cuba. Initially, she faced many significant challenges because of the fact that English was not her primary language. Ultimately, this struggle inspired her to meet the ever-growing needs of her community. She conquered the English language and earned a scholarship to attend the prestigious University of Florida. Later, she transferred to Nova Southeastern, where she acquired the tools to ace the Florida Bar exam.

In her industry, Jany Martinez-Ward is a highly respected leader. Her character is only further bolstered by her impressive track record. But, of course, her passion for community service also extends outside of the courtroom. Jany has been an active member of her church for over 15 years. She has supported a variety of community events with the aim of aiding children and youth groups with character development. In addition, she hosts monthly live games via radio to provide her community with the chance to win various prizes. During these events, she interacts with her audience, answering free legal questions for those who dial-in.

Over The Ward Law Group’s extensive career, Jany has successfully built a trusting rapport with her client base. She is credited with increasing the firm’s outreach over 100 fold during the past 6 years. And, of course, these successes only continue to grow with time.

About Gregory Ward

Whenever you step into the courtroom, insurance adjusters are out to get you. After all, they belong to a profit-based industry. These individuals want nothing more than to minimize your settlement and diminish their own losses. In no way are these adjusters trying to cater to the well-being of personal injury victims. And, worst of all, these individuals are intelligent, silver-tongued, and backed by seemingly infinite resources.

Gregory Ward understands this struggle all too well because he once worked for the other side. There was a time when he had to rifle through case after case, doing whatever he could to ensure another victory for the insurance companies. This made Gregory Ward incredibly unhappy. He could not deny how these victims were being exploited for the betterment of big-name corporations. He decided it was time for a change. Therefore, he ceased to represent these entities and decided instead to fight for the enhancement of his community.

This unique upbringing gives Gregory an immense understanding of how insurance adjusters tick. He knows what they look out for, and is thereby able to counter their every move. Over the years, Gregory Ward has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for victims of accidents involving negligence. There simply is no one more passionate and knowledgeable who you can trust when it comes to handling the complexities of your case.

The Ward Law Group Mission

Gregory Ward and Jany Martinez-Ward founded The Ward Law Group with the intent to serve the legal needs of the Spanish-speaking community. The Ward Law Group’s passion is to provide their prospective clients with the opportunity to achieve the maximum settlement possible for their claim. Too often are victims of these accidents unaware of just how many forms of compensation for which they are eligible. Their firm aims to eliminate the barriers to pursuing legal action for a Spanish-speaking individual in an English-speaking country. For The Ward Law Group, reaching the widest audience possible is a top priority.

The Ward Law group understands that you may be struggling with a debilitating injury during this process. As such, our team delivers both the compassion and patience needed for handling your case.

Both Gregory Ward and Jany Martinez-Ward are firm believers in the idea that the legal system should support the bonds of family. They ensure that everyone has fair representation in the courtroom. The Wards share a powerful bond that transcends their professional field and that has led to their many successes with negotiation. Their commitment to the Hispanic community as well as their passion for familial ties makes them a force to be reckoned with in the ever-shifting legal landscape.

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