Closeup view of a pair of hands using a smartphone

Using Your Cell Phone While Driving or Walking can be Dangerous

Closeup view of a pair of hands using a smartphone

Recent advancements in smartphone technology can help us communicate with others, purchase things we need, organize transportation, and much more. You can download an app for pretty much everything you need, which has led to a somewhat dependent relationship between humans and their smartphones.

Cellphone use while driving or walking in public areas, however, can be harmful both to the person on their phone and people around them. Statistics show that using a cellphone while driving is likely to put someone at higher risk of an accident. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 3,500 people lost their lives because of texting while driving in 2015, and 400,000 others were injured.

Those who drive and use their cell phones, however, are not the only ones at risk. Pedestrians on their phone paying more attention to an app or text instead of the road are just as likely to be injured. Whether it be in the crosswalk, ignoring posted traffic signals, or veering off of sidewalks, pedestrians can be struck by bicycles or motor vehicles.

Insurance rates can also increase as a result of distracted driving attributed to cellphone use. Who is more likely to use their cellphones while driving? Teens and young people, many of whom have had a cell phone for longer than a driver’s license. Many awareness campaigns have been made for young drivers around the U.S., in order to avoid distracted driving and the consequences that can come from it.

We need to consider and refrain from the use of cell phones while driving our cars or walking on the streets. While you may think the risk is low, distractions are one of the primary causes of accidents, so mitigating your distractions can make a difference. It’s not only your safety but the safety of others who will benefit from this.