A doctor holds a stethoscope ready to examine an accident injury victim

Telling Your Doctor All Your Injuries on the First Visit

A doctor holds a stethoscope ready to examine an accident injury victim

Documenting the entirety of your injuries is an important part of your claim. Going to the doctor after an accident for treatment and telling them everything that is disturbing you is of vital importance to your case.

For example, if after an accident you have a neck injury that is painful but your knee also hurts, it is important to tell the doctor about both injuries. If for the first three weeks you only talk to your doctor about the neck injury and fail to tell them about your knee pain until much later, it will be difficult to receive any compensation for the treatment required to correct the knee injury.

Often, in scenarios such as this one, the neck pain may subside, but the knee injury may be the more serious injury that requires surgery to repair. If this happens, the person may not be able to recover any compensation to cover the costs of knee surgery.

In this scenario, the insurance company may claim you injured your knee a month after the accident and not because of the accident. They will claim that had you suffered an injury to your knee from the accident, you would have told your doctor about the pain at the first visit. Waiting to tell a doctor about an injury can make it difficult to connect the injury to the accident. It is for this reason that you must inform your doctor of any discomfort at the first visit, even if you do not think it is significant.

You should also inform your doctor of any preexisting injuries or conditions you had prior to the accident. If you have a pre-existing injury or condition, you may be entitled to recover more money, not less. This is because it will be easier to suffer an additional, more severe, or permanent injury if you had a pre-existing condition. Therefore, it is very important to inform all your doctors of any previous injuries, accidents, or treatments you had before the accident. Do not hide or minimize your pre-existing conditions. If you want to know more about how your injuries could impact your case, speak with a capable personal injury attorney today.