Uninsured Motorist

Motor vehicle accidents involving uninsured motorists inject an already bad situation with an added layer of complexity. It’s bad enough to be injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault… But, if the offending motorist neglected to pay their car insurance, now you’re faced with an entirely new set of considerations. For example, if the guilty party lacks basic insurance coverage, then how do you go about filing a claim? While your medical and vehicle bills are mounting, it can appear as though the guilty party is about to get away with it scot-free. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn the tables on uninsured motorists if you proceed with careful legal guidance. This section of our blog is devoted to exactly that—ensuring that you get your insurance claim started off on the right foot. Browse through our handy set of resources to learn how you can maximize your accident compensation today and best uninsured motorists!