Traffic Safety

Sometimes clichés are clichés because they repeat tried-and-true advice. This is one of those times. When it comes to traffic safety, a good defense is often the best offense. Meaning, you can prevent a lot of fender benders and collisions by simply adhering to a few basic road safety guidelines. And, best practices aside, state and federal laws are often evolving to solidify these “dos and don’ts” into enforceable legislation. Although we sometimes dismiss these ideas as basic common sense, even the best drivers have their distracted moments or can experience drowsiness behind the wheel. Leverage this section of our blog to brush up on the unspoken rules of the road and learn how simple hacks like routine preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars (and a migraine or two)!

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Law goes into effect that will punish you if you text while driving

Taken from Actualidad: A Florida law that will penalize people for texting while driving takes effect Monday and drivers who violate it can be stopped by police, punished with fines and receive points on their licenses. HB 107 was approved by the state Legislature in April and endorsed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last May. Now texting, e-mailing and other means by cell phone is considered a primary offense and officers can detain people on

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Car accident insurance assessor's desk with a calculator

What is the Job of an Auto Accident Insurance Assessor?

“The interest of the insurance adjuster is to resolve potential claims QUICKLY, to pay the injured party before he or she has time to seek medical treatments that the insurance company wants to avoid paying for. Adjusters or appraisers: investigate the accident site, conduct interviews, record statements and determine the financial responsibility of the insurance. When you are the victim of an accident, an insurance adjuster is in charge of ensuring compliance with the General

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An official diverts traffic after a car accident

Public Road Repairs

The state of Florida has been working on expanding public roads as a result of the population growth. It’s important to be attentive to traffic control devices and avoid recklessness driving. Accidents in construction areas generate expensive fines, and frequently leads to fatal injuries due to the magnitude of the terrain, workers in the area, and heavy machinery. In the event of an accident causing injuries, The Ward Law Group can offer the best legal

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Tourists taking photos from a Florida bridge

Tourists Driving in Florida

Florida is a destination highly visited by tourists, and many people drive with limited knowledge of the law. This is a short guide to help visitors: Fasten your seatbelt and your passengers at any age, children under the age of 3 must use the safety seat, from the age of 4 can use only the seat belt and must sit in the back seat of the vehicle; Keep right on the road. Speed limits will

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An 18-wheeler driving on a Florida freeway before a truck accident

How to Handle Driving with a Cargo Trailer

A loaded trailer can carry an average of up to 40 tons, which can make it take longer to brake and, in a truck accident, can contribute to catastrophic injuries. The risks associated with an accident involving a cargo trailer are greater than an accident with the collision of two cars, due to the large size and the number of blind spots on a cargo trailer. If you are driving your vehicle, remember to keep

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A woman using a smartphone

Is Texting and Driving More Dangerous than Drinking and Driving?

WATCH OUT! A study from the University of Utah revealed that using a cell phone while driving is just as, if not more, dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. Today texting is considered the worst enemy of the wheel because they account for more motor vehicle accidents than driving under the influence of alcohol. Studies conducted in the United States show that more adults are texting while driving than young people. Some rese

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Closeup of the front side of a red sports car parked

Is Your Car Accident-Prone?

It is important to know which cars are prone to having accidents. When you are ready to buy a car, whether new or used, you must consider a few factors: model, color, engine, etc. But have you ever considered which cars have more accidents in their records? Some companies, such as the Insurance Institute for Highway, have studied this matter with the help of insurance companies. They analyzed all the accidents in the United States

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Blurry view of drivers on a freeway before a car accident

Changing Lanes in an Unsafe Manner Can Lead to Problems

The state of Florida requires all drivers to drive in the right lane, and if you must make pass a car ahead of you, you must do so in the left lane when you travel through streets, roads and multi-lane highways. Changing lanes in an unsafe manner is one of the main causes of accidents, so drivers must be very alert at all times. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 9% of

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View of several women in stiletto high heels standing together

Is it dangerous to drive with high heels?

High heels are a fundamental piece of most women’s wardrobes. They help to stylize the figure, improve your look and can be fashionable in certain settings. But beware, when driving, it may not be the best ally of women. This type of footwear does not have the necessary surface area in the sole to allow the pedal or the brake to be depressed in order to avoid collisions. That is, in an emergency situation or

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