Teenage Drivers

Teenage drivers: Two words that strike fear into the heart of every insurance-toting, premium-paying parent. And, with good reason. Through no fault of their own, teenage drivers are inexperienced (and statistically, they’re also more prone to accidents). Of course, your insurance company already knows this. That’s why you’ve likely witnessed your monthly insurance premium skyrocket after you first added your teen onto your policy. But, there are proactive things that you can do to prevent those premiums from doubling (or even tripling) in the months to come. For everything you need to know about surviving your teenage driver, you’ve come to the right place. The Ward Law Group Blog devotes an entire section of our content to answering crucial questions about teenage drivers. Discover how you can save money on those monthly premiums and keep your child safe on the road!

Back seat view of a young driver on Florida roadways

Should I Include My Teenager Son/Daughter in my Insurance Policy?

The Insurance Information Institute offers some advice on financial protection for parents whose teenagers are new drivers: Include your son or daughter in your own insurance policy: it is usually cheaper to do this than to get them a new policy under their own names. If they are having their own car registered under their name, you can use your same insurance company, and you may, as a result, qualify for a discount. Ask how

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A young driver behind the wheel listening to the radio

Why is the Insurance Premium of Young Drivers the Most Expensive?

Many people don’t know this, but you must notify your insurance company when your home adds a new driver. As soon as a teenager gets their driver’s license, the insurance company must have this information so they can update your policy and cover your car’s damages or personal injuries in case of an accident. This update will increase your payment; likely around 50% more than what you are currently paying. A young driver’s lack of

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Teen drivers walking in a group

How Do I Protect My Assets When My Child Starts Driving?

When a driver is a young man or woman, they must take into consideration their safety. Here are some recommendations from the Insurance Information Institute for young drivers to improve their safety: Pick a safe car: you can choose a car that is easy to drive and that could protect you in the event of a car crash. Avoid small cars, cars that might encourage you to speed, and sport utility vehicles (SUV) that are

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