Premises Liability

Were you recently injured in an accident that occurred on someone else’s property? Perhaps, you slipped and fell on a wet (and unmarked) floor at work. Or, maybe an unresponsive landlord refused to repair a hazard on your rental property and you broke your arm as a result. These types of accidents fall under a special category of the law known as premises liability disputes. And, they often require extra work on the claimant’s part to prove that contributory negligence did not factor into the accident. So, how can you mount a rock-solid claim against the offending party that the insurance company can’t deny or ignore? Use this section of our blog to learn about the types of compensation that you can receive, how you can initiate a successful insurance claim, and the laws that govern premises liability disputes in your state. Ready to get your claim started today? Discover how you can maximize your settlement!

Can I File a Claim for a Rabid Dog Bite Incident?

In Florida, there are two types of laws that entitle a person who was the victim of a dog bite to a personal injury claim. The most important thing is to recognize which of the laws apply at the time of initiating a case before the court and which is more favorable for the victim. While some states follow a “one free bite” rule, the state of Florida does not apply this regulation to dog

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Filing a Slip & Fall Accident Claim

As you might already know, slip and fall accidents are quite common. Such opportunities seem to lurk around every corner. Slip and fall accidents can occur at work, the gym, or the supermarket—virtually anywhere is fair game. And, of course, if your accident results from someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation for the ensuing financial damages. Many people think that slip and fall accidents are less likely to involve younger individuals.

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Slip and Fall

In Slip and Fall situations, it is important to get medical help immediately and locate the manager of that location to report the accident and avoid it from happening to other people. Having done this, it is also necessary to report the slip and fall and maintain the records in a safe location in the event that it is needed to open a claim. If there are witnesses, it is beneficial to obtain their contact

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