Permanent Injuries & Wrongful Death

Very few people envision their future and imagine the devastating impact of a sudden, disabling, and permanent injury. But, a single moment can rob us of the life we knew. Simple things that we take for granted, like our cognitive function or ability to perform everyday activities unassisted, can vanish in an instant. Worse still, we could lose a loved one because of one single reckless act. When you suffer from catastrophic life events because of the negligence of someone else, you deserve to be compensated for your pain. Medical bills, property damage, and lost income… All of these losses are secondary to the emotional trauma that we sustain. This section of our blog endeavors to help you answer the really tough questions, like “What next?” For more about how you can build a compelling personal injury or wrongful death case, simply keep reading.

A doctor holds a stethoscope ready to examine an accident injury victim

Telling Your Doctor All Your Injuries on the First Visit

Documenting the entirety of your injuries is an important part of your claim. Going to the doctor after an accident for treatment and telling them everything that is disturbing you is of vital importance to your case. For example, if after an accident you have a neck injury that is painful but your knee also hurts, it is important to tell the doctor about both injuries. If for the first three weeks you only talk

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Photos of a brain scan after a car accident causes head injuries

Head Injuries After a Car Accident

You try to drive defensively. You bought a car that was fully equipped with sophisticated safety features. However, car accidents still occur. And, the sudden brunt force of an accident can cause significant injuries—especially to the head and cervical spine. Moreover, head trauma is often more complicated than other injuries resulting from car accidents. After all, the brain is responsible for everything the body does. For some, recovery from a traumatic brain injury can last

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An upset driver kneels near an injured person on the roadway after a car accident

What Happens When a Person Dies in a Car Accident?

The loss felt after the death of a loved one is different from any pain we will feel in our lifetime. Rage, fear, and emptiness often occur after we lose someone close to us. It is during those times we need to rely on our loved ones, on our faith, and look for those in whom we can find support. If the negligent actions of another person, company, or employer caused your loved one an

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Two motorcycles parked together in a parking lot before a motorcycle accident

What Happens if I Have a Motorcycle Accident and it Wasn’t My Fault?

Miami’s year-round warm weather and sunshine makes it a great place to drive your motorcycle. However, the streets of Miami are not always forgiving to motorcyclists and passengers. Our Miami injury attorneys understand that while motorcycle accidents can share similarities with truck accidents, motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer devastating personal injuries. Our firm believes that many drivers excuse after causing a motorcycle accident is “I did not see you”, but this is not

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Accident victim on crutches meeting with a personal injury lawyer

During an Accident, I Injured my Neck and Back

Careless car and truck drivers have the potential to cause devastating injuries to other people on the road. No one can truly imagine the heartbreaking struggles that occur after a car accident, where your spouse or young child has sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, this scenario constitutes reality for tens of thousands of people who report a spinal cord injury to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year. Our Miami

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