Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in the United States—if not the world. From texting-while-driving to applying makeup in the driver’s seat, distracted driving leads to more fender benders than either drunk driving or inclement weather. If you’ve been injured in a distracted driving accident, then you’re probably overflowing with questions. Should you hire a personal injury attorney or process your claim by yourself? And, how can you safeguard yourself against attentional drift, the natural human tendency to space out while behind the wheel? You can find the answers to these questions—and many others—by following the distracted driving section of our blog. Discover how you can maximize your personal injury compensation & get the ball rolling on a successful insurance claim today!

View of cars driving through a Florida traffic intersection

Being an Alert Driver

The following story presents a common experience that we can learn from to avoid this type of situation in the future: A few months ago, a police officer pulled me over and told me that I was driving 55 mph on a street where the speed limit was 40 mph. I confessed to the officer that I didn’t realize I was driving faster than permitted. Since I had just purchased a new car, I wasn’t

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Closeup photo of makeup products on the console of a car

The Dangers of Applying Makeup While Driving

Using the rear-view mirror to put on makeup in any scenario may cost you more than you think. If you would rather look “dead than simple,” be sure to avoid touch ups in the car to avoid the reality of the former! Usually when women use the rear-view mirror to put on makeup, they have to move it from its place, taking time to move the mirror that should be used to pay attention to

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A female driver texting while driving before causing an injury car accident

Technophilia: Technology & Car Accidents

If you could travel back in time to the 1800s with your smartphone in tow, people would likely consider you to be some sort of space-bending wizard. That should come as no surprise, really. After all, smartphones almost seem like something straight out of a science fiction book. You have this little box that provides you with an endless fount of information via signals from giant metal towers that can reach locations all around the

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Photo of a driver on their phone to represent the dangers of distracted driving

Distracted Driving: Stay Alert While Driving!

Driving is one of the most important aspects of our modern-day society. Obligations such as schooling, errands, emergencies, or other events require speedy travel between two points. This makes having a driver’s license a necessity to exist in today’s fast-moving world. All it takes to observe this fact is a simple glance in the direction of a roadway during a busy workday. Millions of people drive every day. Distracted driving is a blanket term. Basically,

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