Illustration of personal injury lawyers working on a client case

Tactics Insurance Companies When a Car Accident Lawyer is not Present

Illustration of personal injury lawyers working on a client case

When dealing with your car insurance company, it’s imperative to consult an attorney to guarantee a suitable compensation. Insurance companies use various tactics to lower the compensation you should receive. Take a look at the following examples:

  • They take advantage of the Hispanic culture by rambling while they barely allow Hispanics to speak – this happens when they are taking the statement
  • How is the weather today? It’s going to rain because it also rained on the weekend and look at how the sky is turning gray
  • How did the accident happen? And they start talking

We, the lawyers, are the ones that protect the Hispanic community’s rights.

  • They tell you that they would go to your house to get an estimate on your car to fix it.
  • What you have to say is: Here are the keys, please let me know when you are done preparing the estimate.

Don’t let them distract you. They make you be present while inspecting the car because they will start asking questions, which will seem harmless, but they are really collecting information that they may use against you later. They are smart, and they will do what they can to get the information they want in a subtle way.

  • Insurance companies want to make you assume a percentage of the blame in order to reduce the compensation. They will tell you something like:
    • It all happened so fast
    • Maybe you didn’t brake
    • Maybe you were distracted

Insurance companies send you many documents to sign in order to advance with your case. If the insurance company offers you a check for $500 or any amount of money don’t take it. After taking and cashing it, they won’t offer you anything else. Most of the people think that they will receive another check to cover the medical expenses from the evaluations they will make you have at the hospital, but you won’t. Once you receive one check, you will get nothing more from them. Don’t let the insurance companies avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. Ask a specialized and qualified lawyer to help you avert issues with insurance companies. At The Ward Law Group, PL, we can help you with your legal needs after being in a car accident. Please contact us.