Personal injury lawyer on the phone speaking to an accident victim

Tactics Insurance Companies Uses When No Attorney is Present

Personal injury lawyer on the phone speaking to an accident victim
  • Deliberate Delay – When a person is in an accident, they are in a financially tense situation. Even if they have good health insurance, they are still not working and earning an income. This may make it difficult to pay copayments and deductibles. Insurance companies know that you are buried in calls from hospitals and doctors to pay your bills, so they try to delay the claim.
  • Requiring Unnecessary Information – Insurance companies send you many forms to sign and ask you to add all the information to a single medical account. With all these forms they may ask you to sign documents that can be harmful to your case. Be very careful when an adjuster asks you to sign anything.
  • Trying to Pay the Least Amount of Money for Medical Expenses – Generally, insurance companies manage to pay at least five percent less of a claim and they do this to millions of people around the United States. The insurance companies try to pay as little as possible so they can keep the largest possible margin.
  • Misrepresenting insurance benefits – The insurance company may tell you there is a minimum of $10,000 PIP required in Florida. When a lawyer gets involved, you suddenly realize the insurance company was cheating you and you paid $100,000 for full coverage.
  • Acting As If they are on your side when they are not – Insurance adjusters often pretend to be on your side and help you fill out all the information or tell you what you must write, but this is a trick. They are hired by the insurance companies and only want to make sure insurers pay the least amount possible. Sometimes, this is a tactic to prevent you from hiring a lawyer because it makes it more difficult for them.