Road Bicycles and Accidents

Cyclists, like all drivers in Florida, have their own regulations and privileges granted by the State of Florida in its Drivers Manual. Cycling can be done as a sport, as a social sharing or done as family quality time. It is vital to drive defensively and use safety equipment. It is also convenient to avoid using headphones drive in groups whenever possible. When cycling with children extra care is necessary to enjoy this activity in a safe manner.

Some drivers do not respect cyclists as drivers authorized to share the public road. In many cases, distracted drivers ignore traffic signals, intersections, curves, exits from establishments or houses and even the bikeway. As a result, accidents occur which can lead to permanent bodily injuries. Cyclists can be compensated for their physical or moral injuries, and for their medical bills. In the event of a bicycle accident, it is important to obtain a police report and obtain information from the driver and automobile involved. If there are witnesses, their name and contact information can also be useful as well as taking photos of the accident and bodily injuries. It is not recommended to fix the bicycle or the helmet since they can be evidence of the accident. The Ward Law Group has an experienced staff available to answer any questions in the event of an accident.

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