Pastor In Coma Following Alleged Hit & Run on MacArthur Causeway

Aguilar family

On Thursday, March 25th, 2021, around 11:30 pm, Pastor Noe Aguilar was riding his bike on the MacArthur Causeway eastbound near Terminal Isle. At the same time, Katherine Colabella was driving east on the same road when she struck Pastor Noe Aguilar with her 2019 black Mercedes C300 and drove off, leaving Pastor Noe Aguilar with life threatening injuries at the scene of the crash. The Miami Beach pastor is now fighting for his life at the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center in extremely critical condition after undergoing life-saving surgery to stop a brain bleed.

After striking Noe, the 31-year old Colabella drove to The Continuum condominium building near South Pointe Drive and Ocean Drive, dropping her damaged car off at the valet and proceeding to head to a resident’s condominium. The arrest report indicates that the building’s employees noted Colabella was “looking like she was drunk,” and soon after called 911 once they saw the damage on the Mercedes-Benz sedan, including a smashed windsiehlf. The police then towed her vehicle away.

The following morning, Colabella went to the Miami Beach police headquarters, questioning where her car was and stating “that after she crashed, she panicked and left the crash scene without calling 911 or rendering help.” The arrest report further says that Colabella admits she drank before driving and crashing into Noe.

Now, we here at Ward Law are fighting for not only Noe’s rights, but for his family’s rights as well. Noe is a father of two and has been a husband to his wife, Aracely Aguilar, for 25 years. “When someone is injured, it’s not just the person who is injured,” Greg Ward, managing partner at The Ward Group, PL, stated, “It’s the family that’s injured, and so this family right now is suffering.”

Jany Martinez-Ward, the managing partner at The Ward Group PL, further elaborates that the devastating element of this situation is that not only was Noe hit, “he was left at the scene of the accident. And nobody should be left at the scene of the accident to maybe die.”

Officers arrested Colabella on charges for leaving a crash scene after causing serious bodily injury and reckless driving, which caused serious bodily injury.