A vehicle with a damaged front end after a car accident

Myths About the Right to Receive Compensation After a Car Crash

A vehicle with a damaged front end after a car accident

When car accidents occur, people start to wonder about what is and is not covered by their insurance policy. There are some false beliefs and myths that have stopped many people from opening a case with their insurance company to get the compensation they need and deserve.

Rumors from false experts may even push people away from the claim they have the right to bring by law. Here are some of these myths:

  1. Every case is the same: If 2 or 3 people you know have had the same injuries you have, it doesn’t mean the accident happened exactly the same way. Therefore, the compensation is not guaranteed to be the same for every case, regardless of similarities. Each accident is unique.
  2. Passengers from the guilty car don’t have the right to compensation: This false belief really comes from a hesitation to report their friends and loved ones behind the wheel, but all passengers have the right to compensation for their injuries. Additionally, you don’t have to report anybody, as your claim is to the insurance company of the guilty driver.
  3. If I hit from the back a car that suddenly stopped, I have the right to compensation: Unfortunately, this belief is not correct. Even if a car stops unexpectedly, you are still the one at fault. Remember there are safe distances and a speed limits put in place to help avoid impact. If you are at fault, there will be no compensation in this particular case.
  4. If I get hit and the other car involved takes off, I can’t file for compensation:  If this happens to you, it is very important to call the police immediately so that an officer can make a report, which you will need for the claim. If you get the chance, try to write down the car model, color, and even the license plate number, as this information will help you obtain your compensation.
  5. Hiring a car accident lawyer is very expensive: Sometimes a lawyer can be hired at little cost to you. In your insurance policy, there is a clause called “legal defense” that allows you to get the legal help you need from a lawyer outside the insurance company. This clause will provide the amount of money needed to cover this legal aid, though the amount may differ based on your insurance company and policy.

Keep these myths in mind in case you ever get involved in a car accident. It is always better to ignore the so-called experts and get help from people who can actually do something for you.