View of several women in stiletto high heels standing together

Is it dangerous to drive with high heels?

View of several women in stiletto high heels standing together

High heels are a fundamental piece of most women’s wardrobes. They help to stylize the figure, improve your look and can be fashionable in certain settings. But beware, when driving, it may not be the best ally of women.

This type of footwear does not have the necessary surface area in the sole to allow the pedal or the brake to be depressed in order to avoid collisions. That is, in an emergency situation or in an accident, the driver’s reflexes are often the only salvation, and heels can prevent the feet from engaging the pedals properly in order to slow down or accelerate.

In addition, your high heels will also be affected by having the lower part of the heel (metatarsal) as an essential point of support, the constant movement of the foot will cause the sole of your shoes to wear much more quickly.

When driving with heels you can suffer muscle cramps due to the constant movements of the foot, which can itself cause an accident. The heel part may get stuck in the car mats as well.

In addition, wearing heels will compel you will take a forced position when driving. It is very difficult to find a comfortable position for the feet with high heels. Even if you are used to wearing heels, your feet, specifically the heel can be sore when driving.

Avoid an accident! Bring a pair of spare shoes in the car and change them before driving, or if you prefer, take a taxi or let someone else, who is not wearing heels, drive.

Take care of your life and those of others!