Teen drivers walking in a group

How Do I Protect My Assets When My Child Starts Driving?

Teen drivers walking in a group

When a driver is a young man or woman, they must take into consideration their safety. Here are some recommendations from the Insurance Information Institute for young drivers to improve their safety:

  1. Pick a safe car: you can choose a car that is easy to drive and that could protect you in the event of a car crash. Avoid small cars, cars that might encourage you to speed, and sport utility vehicles (SUV) that are more likely to roll over.
  2. Get your teen into a driver’s education course: a teenager who has learned to drive through a driver’s ed course is viewed more favorably by insurance companies than those who are taught by their parents. Getting into this course may qualify you for a 15 % discount on your insurance premium.
  3. Enroll your teen in a safe driver program: You can find many of these programs online. They will have to sign a contract that will outline the young driver’s responsibilities, which encourages them to practice safe driving habits and best practices.
  4. Talk to your teen about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation, or any other distraction: It is very important that your teen knows the dangers of being distracted while driving. Being aware of this will help them reduce their accident rate, which can help lower present and future costs of insurance policies.
  5. Talk to your teen about their behavior while driving: they should avoid using their cellphone while driving, whether they are talking on the phone or texting, tuning the radio, and talking to passengers. This will lower the chance of being in a car accident. If your teens are passengers, you can teach them to respect the driver’s concentration as you drive.
  6. Be a good example: Young and inexperienced drivers learn from other people’s examples, so try to drive responsibly as a model for them. Don’t forget to fasten your seat belt at all times.

Protecting your life, your teen’s life, and other drivers is the right thing to do. Always obey transit laws and regulations, and keep all of these recommendations in mind to help your teen become a better driver.