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How can we Keep our Children Safe with Seatbelts?

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When it comes to safety we always think about our children first, so we need to take into consideration the special safety regulations provided by law to help keep our children safe.

If a child is under 4 years old, it is not only necessary, but mandatory by law, to fasten their seat belt or preferably to use a car seat suited for their age, weight, and size. These seats are designed to fit all the requirements by law, so all you have to do seat the child, fasten the belts, and you are ready to go!

Children under 8 years old, weighing less than 80 pounds, or shorter than 4 feet 9 inches must use a car seat or booster, depending on the age, weight, and size. Violating this law is considered a general offense.

Being a passenger in a car crash is the primary cause of death in children younger than 4 years old. Therefore, pediatricians recommend that babies use the rear-facing seats for as long as possible, instead of the front-facing seats.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the head, neck, and spine are supported by a rear-facing seat, allowing the seat to take most of the crash force and protect the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Car seats should be used for all variety of car trips, whether they be short or long. Many parents and drivers take shorter trips for granted because they think that the child will be safer for short drives. There is nothing to suggest that a shorter car trip is any less dangerous than a long one.

Remember, if the children are not properly seated in car seats, they can cause stress and distractions to the driver, which could result in a life-threatening crash. Safety comes first!