Closeup of a car accident lawyer taking notes from her client

Honesty is the Best Policy When You Have a Car Accident

Closeup of a car accident lawyer taking notes from her client

An insurance company will not resolve a case if it feels the damages are exaggerated. They know that if the person exaggerates the injuries from the beginning, the jury will punish the person for being dishonest.

If the case goes to trial, we trust the jury will find out the truth if we are honest. We find that the jury rewards those who are honest, granting them fair and equitable compensation. As in all areas of your life, honesty is the best policy to get results.

Insurance Companies Do Not Want People to Communicate with a Lawyer

The documents maintained by insurance companies show that they track the lawyer’s experience and success, offering a solution to the case based on their reputation.

A young woman who was rear-ended in a car accident and suffered a spine injury tried to present the case by herself. The insurance company only proposed to pay $5,000 for her permanent, life-changing damage. The young woman thought that amount was too low and decided to hire our firm to help her.

The insurance company did not want to increase the amount even though the young woman spent more than $50,000 in medical expenses. Our firm filed the claim with the court. We were ready to fight for a fair judgment. In less than three days the insurance company paid the total amount of the insurance policy of $100,000.