Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Following a Crash

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury claims. Nearly half a million people live in the city and the traffic in Miami is continuously growing with more cars on the road each day. Car accidents are also increasing, with organizations such as The Florida Department of Health reporting motor vehicle injuries as one of the leading causes of personal injury in the state.

Similar to truck accidents or slip and fall accidents, it is important for individuals involved in car accidents to speak with an experienced injury lawyer to discuss their rights to compensation for serious injuries if they believe another person or company caused their accident.

There are many reasons why you or a loved one may have been in a car accident. Car accidents commonly happen when another driver is distracted, under the influence of some type of substance, or careless while driving. In some cases, a car defect or tire breakdown may have caused the accident. The Ward Law Group, PL can help you determine what caused your accident and give strength to your claim.

Many car accidents in Miami are minor bumps to the car, but the injuries you suffer in a car accident can dramatically affect your life. You may be able to seek financial compensation from another driver to pay for your medical bills, property damages, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering if you suffered any of the following injuries:

We also can help families who lost a loved one in a car accident. Our firm relies on faith as much as we rely on our knowledge in the law to fight for their rights and seek compensation for the damages a family suffered.

One of the most devastating injuries sustained in car accidents is spinal cord and brain trauma. Often these injuries are not seen or felt at first. We have handled many car accident claims where a spinal injury is only seen when there is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which shows a cyst developing as a result of the accident. If the person had not done an MRI or sought medical attention immediately after the accident, they would not have known about this serious condition until years later.

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