Accident victim on crutches meeting with a personal injury lawyer

During an Accident, I Injured my Neck and Back

Accident victim on crutches meeting with a personal injury lawyer

Careless car and truck drivers have the potential to cause devastating injuries to other people on the road. No one can truly imagine the heartbreaking struggles that occur after a car accident, where your spouse or young child has sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, this scenario constitutes reality for tens of thousands of people who report a spinal cord injury to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year.

Our Miami injury attorneys understand that the road to recovery is long for those who suffer complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries. Based in faith and dedication to providing families with the support they need after suffering a devastating accident, we work on behalf of those who suffer to obtain compensation for current and future medical bills, as well as other damages.

A spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating injuries to sustain. Many times, these injuries are not seen or felt immediately. We have handled many car accident claims where the spinal injury is only visible through an MRI scan. An example of such an injury would be a cyst developing in consequence of the accident. If the person had not done an MRI or had sought medical attention immediately after the accident, the person would not have known about this serious condition until many years later.