Drugs and Alcohol While Driving

According to the New Herald, a growing number of people has been driving under the effects of drugs and alcohol. Subsequently, the number of accidents has also increased causing injuries to families, in addition to moral and economic damages. In the U.S, the highest level of alcohol allowed to be able to drive is .08 degrees. Driving above this level is considered a crime called “Driving Under the Influence (DUI).”

It is vital to make a conscious effort and avoid driving under the influence to sustain the safety of the communities. It is also beneficial to emphasize the possible ramifications of not acting in accordance with the law. When an individual is behind the wheel under the influence, it is not only their life that is at risk, but also everyone else’s on the road.

In the event that a driver who has been driving under the influence causes an accident leading to injuries, a claim can be opened to obtain compensation for the injuries suffered. It is important to contact an attorney and promptly initiate the claims process during the corresponding legal lapses. The Ward Law Group is always available to answer questions and provide legal representation in the unfortunate event of an accident.

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