Pedestrian Accidents

When you’re riding in a car or truck, you’re provided with a seatbelt and the added protection of being encased in over two tons of metal. When you’re cruising on your motorcycle or bike, you have the safety afforded by your helmet. Even in these circumstances, you’re far from invulnerable. But, when you’re a pedestrian? You’re walking around virtually unprotected from other drivers. If you’ve found yourself to be the recent victim of a pedestrian accident, then you’re probably searching for legal advice. And, if your accident falls within the hit-and-run category, then you’re definitely wondering: How can an absent person be held accountable for my expenses? We have all the answers to these questions, and more, in this section of our blog. Learn how you can best insurance companies and receive a top settlement for your accident today!


In case of a pedestrian accident who is impacted by a vehicle and becoming injured, it is crucial to get medical help quickly, even if you feel at the moment that pain is not significant. Adrenaline and shock combined can easily distract someone from realizing that they may have suffered grave injuries. It is beneficial to report the accident to the police and obtain the driver’s, vehicle, and insurance information. In the event that there…

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