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Malpractice and liability are two important components of negligence. Liability refers to being held responsible for something by the law. Malpractice means behaving in a knowingly reckless or negligent manner. When it comes to these terms, medical malpractice, product liability, and premises liability are the personal injury trifecta. Yet, each of these terms is richly unique from a legal perspective. Browse this section of our blog to enrich your knowledge of the state and federal laws that govern each category; discover how to file a claim or sue the negligent party, and maximize the monetary compensation you deserve for your injuries. Remember: the law is often on your side even when insurance companies are not. To learn how you can best big-name insurance companies, simply keep reading!

man in slip and fall accident

Filing a Slip & Fall Accident Claim

As you might already know, slip and fall accidents are quite common. Such opportunities seem to lurk around every corner. Slip and fall accidents can occur at work, the gym, or the supermarket—virtually anywhere is fair game. And, of course, if your accident results from someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation for the ensuing financial damages. Many people think that slip and fall accidents are less likely to involve younger individuals.…

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Slip and Fall

In Slip and Fall situations, it is important to get medical help immediately and locate the manager of that location to report the accident and avoid it from happening to other people. Having done this, it is also necessary to report the slip and fall and maintain the records in a safe location in the event that it is needed to open a claim. If there are witnesses, it is beneficial to obtain their contact…

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