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Did the negligent actions of another motorist leave you with personal injuries following a recent car accident? Whether you suffered a mild case of whiplash or a catastrophic injury like 3rd-degree burns, you need legal guidance to get your life back. Enter: The Ward Law Group Blog. By browsing our convenient catalog of resources, you can find answers to many of your frequently asked questions. In fact, with just a couple of mouse clicks, you can learn how to get the ball rolling on a successful settlement, the types of monetary compensation for which you qualify, and how recruiting the expertise of a top-rated personal injury lawyer can help you best big-name insurance companies. For the latest legal advice regarding traffic law & personal injury, consult our blog today!

avoid car accidents with preventative maintenance

Avoid Car Accidents with Preventative Maintenance

We all know that driving defensively and avoiding distractions can significantly reduce the chances of getting into a car accident. However, proactive measures such as properly maintaining your car can also prevent accidents on the road. Not a mechanic? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. In fact, there are some simple things you can do—even if you are not mechanically inclined. In fact, a little extra time and observation may ensure that your car…

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woman using technology while driving

Technophilia: Technology & Car Accidents

If you could travel back in time to the 1800s with your smartphone in tow, people would likely consider you to be some sort of space-bending wizard. That should come as no surprise, really. After all, smartphones almost seem like something straight out of a science fiction book. You have this little box that provides you with an endless fount of information via signals from giant metal towers that can reach locations all around the…

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gavel and car accident compensation money

Forms of Car Accident Compensation

Car accidents can be life-changing events. Even if you walk away from the accident unscathed, filing a claim can become a nightmare. For example, complicated state insurance laws often dictate the success of insurance claims. To make matters even worse, if you suffer from debilitating bodily harm, then it only serves to muddy the waters even further. Aside from vehicular damage, you’ll likely have to contend with a long list of medical expenses. Who is…

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man injured in an accident

What Should I Do If I’m Injured in an Accident?

We’ve all had those unfortunate moments in which life takes an unexpected turn for the worse. An accident can completely derail your plans. One moment you’re going about your daily business... Then, in an instant, you find yourself dealing with pain, confusion, and emotional turmoil. This is especially true for an auto accident. A car wreck is an inherently traumatic experience. You may be physically and emotionally shaken without a clue as to what you…

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undocumented immigrant and immigration laws

Can an Undocumented Immigrant File an Insurance Claim?

No one should endure pain and suffering, including undocumented immigrants. Believe it or not, illegal immigrants actually have more rights than you may think. For instance, undocumented immigrants have the right to seek aid from a professional legal team. Fundamentally speaking, undocumented immigrants in the United States have the same rights that any US resident has during their stay. The common worry for immigrants in the event of an accident is, “Will I get deported…

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hit and run accident

Drivers on the Run: Hit-and-Run Accidents

No matter the cause or severity, one thing about car accidents always rings true: they are frustrating. Even in the best-case scenario, a car accident completely derails your day. And again, that’s if you’re lucky. In an alternate timeline, a car accident may mean severe injury to you or to any of your passengers. This circumstance only worsens when you’re the participant in an accident in which the other party flees the scene. Usually, hit-and-run…

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distracted driver with cell phone

Distracted Driving: Stay Alert While Driving!

Driving is one of the most important aspects of our modern-day society. Obligations such as schooling, errands, emergencies, or other events require speedy travel between two points. This makes having a driver’s license a necessity to exist in today’s fast-moving world. All it takes to observe this fact is a simple glance in the direction of a roadway during a busy workday. Millions of people drive every day.  Distracted driving is a blanket term. Basically,…

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Dangers of Settling with an Auto Insurance Company

A car accident can turn your entire life upside down. One minute you’re driving into work, going to the store, or picking up the kids. Then, in an instant, your car is damaged and you’re in pain. You probably know that you need to file an insurance claim. But how does the claims process work? What do you need to do to obtain the money that you deserve? You’re faced with more questions than you…

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demand letter

Insurance Basics: Drafting the Perfect Demand Letter

Have you suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence? Maybe you were involved in a rear-end collision with a distracted driver. Or, perhaps the negligence of a store owner resulted in unsafe conditions that led you to slip and fall. As a result, you may be struggling with pain, mounting medical bills, lost wages, or property damage. When your injury is someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Of…

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How Many Times Will You Crash Your Car?

If you have not been involved in a car accident, consider yourself lucky, or possibly overdue for one. According to estimates from the Auto Insurance Industry, a claim for a collision will be filed approximately once every 17.9 years for the average driver. If you received your license at the age of 16, the odds that you will experience some kind of driving accident by the time you are 34, at the latest, is high.…

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