Hundred dollar bills to represent damages awarded after an accident

Can I Get Damages Against the Insurance Company After an Accident?

Hundred dollar bills to represent damages awarded after an accident

Writing demand letters to insurance companies can be a complicated process, as some claims are not supported by judicial scrutiny. Defective claims lead to the loss of cases.

After an exchange of information, the injured party usually sends a written request. The lawsuit establishes the nature of the accident, the relevant factors, damages, the requirements on behalf of the victim and a safe solution that does not constitute a loss of time for the lawyer or for the victim of the accident. Additionally, going to trial can be a very expensive process and potentially could take years to settle.

If the insurance company of the other party does not dispute the amount, then the case will be agreed upon. This is the best result that can come from a personal injury lawsuit, the hope of all lawyers is that the case is resolved as soon as possible. Our goal is to solve your case so your life can return to normal.

Florida law requires the service and preparation of a detailed pre-claim letter before the lawsuit starts against an insurer for failure to pay medical bills for the treatment given to an injured motorist for what was a reasonable price, and for medications necessary related to a car accident.

Writ of the Demand:

  • Preparing a lawsuit is difficult, tedious and time-consuming
  •  Expenditure on office resources
  •  Not all lawsuits resist judicial scrutiny and most importantly
  • Defective claims lead to loss of cases