Can I File a Claim for a Rabid Dog Bite Incident?

In Florida, there are two types of laws that entitle a person who was the victim of a dog bite to a personal injury claim. The most important thing is to recognize which of the laws apply at the time of initiating a case before the court and which is more favorable for the victim.

While some states follow a “one free bite” rule, the state of Florida does not apply this regulation to dog bite cases. Most states do not find dog owners responsible unless they have exhibited negligence.

As a dog owner in Florida, if your dog bites another person you are at risk for a lawsuit. The Law § 767 establishes that the owner of the dog is automatically liable for the bite committed by the dog, despite negligence. Additionally, it does not matter whether the incident occurred on public or private property and is also regardless of whether the dog had a tendency to be aggressive.

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