Closeup of a car radio and control panel at night before a car accident

Beware of unsecured objects inside the vehicle

Closeup of a car radio and control panel at night before a car accident

Unfortunate accidents can occur when there are unsecured objects inside the vehicle. Such was the case of a three-year-old girl who died after her mother’s car collided with the back of a school bus in Spain. The girl was tied to a child seat, but the impact of the collision caused the tablet she held in her hands to crash into her face.

Any unsecured object inside a vehicle has the potential to become a projectile and injure someone in a crash, especially if these objects are in the hands of children.

Parents should be aware of this and ensure that their children are well secured in their seats. It is also recommended to use products offered in the market to hold any electronic device in the back of the front seat, and thus reduce the risk that these can hit your children.

If you are going to drive with your children in the back seat, you can apply different games depending on the age of the children. These can include the whole family or only some of its members, with the idea being to keep the child distracted in a healthy way that does not involve holding an electronic device, preventing you from getting hurt in the event of an accident.

Try to sing, link words with the last letter of the words, look for objects through the window, count cars of specific colors, or read traffic signs among others.

Although this type of accident is not very common, it is always important to avoid anything that may be able to put your life, your family and others at risk. Secure your children in the vehicle and make sure there are no loose objects that could hit and seriously injure someone in the event of a sudden stop or crash.