Benefits for Uber and Lyft drivers

Uber and Lyft drivers benefit from the money they earn. It’s always good to have an additional source of income and work for either one of these companies.

An Uber or Lyft driver can use their own vehicle to do the job. Therefore, an Uber or Lyft driver is not an employee of the company, but an external agent.

They have to follow the company’s rules and recommendations and fulfill the company’s requirements to become a driver, but there are just a few of them: having your car in excellent condition, your driver’s license and car papers in order, and you must have your auto insurance.

According to Uber and Lyft drivers, this is an excellent way to make more money on the side. They said that there are many other companies that offer the same service that Uber and Lyft do, but Uber’s prioritize the customer more than other companies.

“Most of the drivers are taking this choice because they get a better income than in other places and you are working comfortably from your own car,” said one of the consulted drivers. “They also offer you life insurance or health insurance for a minimum payment,” he added.

A Lyft driver explained, “depending on how many rides you’ve done you can upgrade your category and based on the category you can enjoy some benefits such as a gas discount. In some other cases, there have been auto insurance discounts.”

A third driver said that the best part of being an Uber driver is that, “you are your own boss and the rides are controlled by an app on your Smartphone.”