Accident without a Driver’s License

When involved in a car accident, it is important to stay calm and ensure the safety of all passengers first. The next step is to call the Police and dial 911 if anyone has been injured. It is also beneficial to obtain insurance information of the other car involved or the characteristics of the car in the event of a “Hit and Run” situation (like the plate, color, model, some feature highlighting the vehicle), and report it when the police officer arrives to make the report.

If you have been injured, always wait for the police and DO NOT ABANDON the scene of the accident until the police report is drawn up. Also, avoid making agreements between the affected parties. How important is it to stay put at the accident scene? As important as NOT converting a collision into a CRIME.

Many people involved in a Hit and Run do this out of fear for having the license expired, or not having a Driver License. The police officer will usually give a fine, or ticket, for not having a license; however, if the person leaves the scene (run), it instigates a police search and becomes subject to ARREST. Not having a license does not void any rights. In case of being impacted and the person runs away, you should also remain on the site, call the police to make the report.

If you have been injured, be sure to visit a clinic within 14 days to get evaluated and ensure that there is no long-term damage to your body and health. Please call us at 855-DOLOR-55 and our firm will be happy to assist you with your process.

Therefore, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers…” Galatians 6:10

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